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How I Improved My ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In One Easy Lesson

How I Improved My ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In One Easy LessonAs we said in the previous article that, we are conducting an in-depth tutorial of the information on Top 12 hard skills. This is the first article that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). So What is Artificial Intelligence? Let's check out.

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Definition of Artificial Intelligence -

  • Basically, Artificial Intelligence is related to computer science dealing with the reproduction or Copy of human-level intelligence, self-awareness, knowledge, conscious, thought in a computer program.
  • Simply it is assigning a computer to work.

What is Artificial Intelligence -

Usually, we all use a computer or laptop for our daily work. You all are well known that computers work only when you give the command or instruct it. That means the computer has not its own brain to work. It works only when humans give order to it.

So, ever thought if the computer has its own brain and knowledge? If the computer has it's the ability to think and have emotions? Then what will happen? From this question, the new concept was born and that is Artificial Intelligence.

The robot concept is also a part of Artificial Intelligence. This concept is the basic old one, but today Artificial Intelligence is improving progressively. This is just because of the advanced technology. Today we see robots are human operating. But we will see robots with their own brain and self-thinking definitely in the coming years. And they will be extremely advanced. So shortly Artificial Intelligence is making computer capable just like humans.

Why Artificial Intelligence will be in demand in the future?

Most of the companies use robots that are advanced machines just because of the following reasons.
  • It's high accuracy working ability.
  • Less time consumption.
  • It can do the most complex work possible.
  • The main reason is it reduces labor costs.
Artificial Intelligence has not remained just imagination or the future concept but it is today's reality. In foreign countries, they have already accepted this technology and improving human's daily lifestyles. The smarter machines will take up the human place in many fields and make impossible to possible. That's why it is better to be aware of Artificial Intelligence technology.

What skills are required to learn General Artificial Intelligence?

As there are a variety of fields in Artificial Intelligence for learning such as Programming languages, Machine Learning, etc. The computer languages include Java, Python, Lisp and more. The human language has flexibility whereas computer language has a pre-written. Now, computers can understand human languages due to the advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence. And these technologies are ' Speech Recognition ' and ' Natural Language Generation '. The example of this technology is ' Amazon Alexa '. It works on human commands. So there are a variety of skills to be learned in Artificial Intelligence and select any field for learning.

What are the job opportunities in Artificial Intelligence?

  • If you fixed that you will work in Artificial Intelligence, then as said above you should select your field according to your interest.
  • In programming languages, if you have expertise in Python, Java, Lisp, etc.
  • It mostly depends on your career interest where to work.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence -

  • Siri
  • Alexa
  • Google Now
  • Process Automation
Conclusion- So we learned artificial intelligence definition, Examples of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Meaning, Jobs in AI, General AI, AI in Future.

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