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This is how you can boost your career in 2020 by these Hard Skills

This is how you can boost your career in 2020 by these Hard Skills - From past some days, our EngineerYouth community was thinking to give our readers some of the most important information about hard skills. So we are introducing you to some of them.
This is how you can boost your career in 2019 by these Hard Skills

The top 12 Hard Skills are the future of technology. If you want to be part of future competition, then you must know these skills. These hard skills are proving key witnesses for future jobs and careers. Here are those top 12 Hard Skills.

Top 12 Hard Skills -

1-Artificial Intelligence (AI)-
Basically, it is the branch of computer science related to the reproduction or Mimicking of human-level intelligence, self-awareness, knowledge, conscious, thought in a computer program. It is basically assigning a computer to work.

2-IOT (Internet Of Things)-
Devices, things, and machines will become smarter and do work for humans. ' IOT analytics ' is the key important field in this.

3-Cyber Security-
Nowadays all the transactions are becoming online and for that priority should be security. If any of the online activity is hacked, Cybersecurity plays a vital role in finding and recovering them. So this is a continuously changing world and having infinite opportunities.

4-Digital Marketing-
The new job is here. This market is spreading rapidly day by day. Digital marketing is the advanced way of marketing that eliminating the traditional way of marketing.

5-Cloud Computing-
Cloud computing is the computing services provided over the Internet, whereby the shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and the other devices on demand. It is just like a cloud full of information. Cloud computing means the maintenance and management of this cloud of information.

6-Robotic Process Automation-
In the future, the same and repeated works will be occupied by robots and humans will get jobs like robot teaching and robot programming.

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7-Social Media Marketing-
There is a huge increase in the use of social media. Most of the leading companies target their services and products to customers through social media. So Social Media Marketing is a great choice for future work. Thanks to the widespread availability of the Internet. Use social media for transforming entertainment into the business.

8-Data Analysis-
It is the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling of data for discovering required information. It is the analysis and management of the information.

9-Mobile App Development-
Mobile App Development is an evergreen skill because of the daily use of different services through applications.

10-Game Development-
There is no one who is unknown to the games because of the extreme craze of games. There are lots of games available on different platforms like Android, ios, Playstation, etc.

11-Ui/Ux Design-
User Interface and User Experience will be a key success in the coming digital world for those having skills of UI/UX.

12-Computer Graphics-
It is the representation and arrangements of pictorial data by computer. The various technologies used to create and manage such pictorial data. Basically, it is the study of digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content.

Conclusion - In this article, we are just introducing you with the Top 12 Hard Skills. We will explain each and every concept in our coming articles. So stay tuned with us and don't miss a chance to be part of that. Thanks for reading!

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