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7 Best Special Niche Career Streams!

7 Best Special Niche Career Streams!

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Since the past few articles, EngineerYouth is providing Information on How to Choose the Career. As career selection is the most important part of Life. That's why we provided the best of our knowledge on how to choose the Career. There are many factors are considered for selecting the appropriate and right career decisions. So don't miss those articles

Today we are going to inform you 7 Best Special Niche Career Streams! There are many special niche career courses available other than Engineering, Medical, Science, etc. But today we are looking for some of the special career courses. So don't miss any, read the complete article so you could understand.

1) Learn opportunities in the field of Commerce -

Most of the time, students who want to choose Commerce Branch after Class X, don't know enough about Commerce opportunity. We will know what to consider when choosing an area, and how to have a good career.

Demand for Commerce in most areas:
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Defense
  • Stock Market
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Tax Consulting
  • International Business
  • Public Administration
  • Multimedia
  • Journalism
There are opportunities for Commerce degree in various fields.

Requirements of Commerce:

  • English and other languages ​​need to be dominated by the mother tongue.
  • Must have hard work and global awareness.
  • Maximize knowledge by reading and
  • Discovering the latest innovations.

There are many opportunities in this field. Knowledge and Experience make a salary in this area. Students should study from reference books and extra reading, without relying on the notes they are studying. Also, read at least two newspapers daily and once a month.

Having a postgraduate course with a degree in a career is a great benefit.

2) Career Opportunities in Agriculture-

After high school, students turn to engineer, medical and other courses. But the agriculture sector, which has made a significant contribution to the Indian economy, is less responsive to students. Given the situation in the country, there is a great opportunity for those working in this field in the future.

Eligibility: Must have passed Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English subjects from XII Science.

Degree and post-graduate courses:
1) BSc (Agriculture)
2) BSc (Horticulture)
3) BSc (Agricultural Biotechnology)
4) BSc (Animal Husbandry)
5) B.B.A (Agriculture)
6) BTech (Agricultural Engineering)

Career Opportunities: Job opportunities are available in all departments up to Class-I, Class-II, in the Departments of
  1. Revenue
  2. Forest Department
  3. Police Department
  4. Finance Department
There are also employment opportunities for agricultural graduates in the nationalized banks, such as agricultural officers, development officers, food corporations, marketing corporations, and khadi village industries.

3) A career in the field of Fitness-

Many individuals try to stay fit to dispel the grievances of nature. For fitness, gym, yoga, aerobics, martial arts, dancing, walking, running help get exercise. There is a need for specialist trainers in this field, and if you get good training in these fields, a career as a coach can be made.

Types of Fitness Trainer:

• Special Trainer: It is trained and expert in a particular subject.

Personal Trainer: This individual trains only one person at a time.

Gym Trainer: It provides information on how to use the materials in the gym collectively.

Eligibility: A minimum of 12th pass is required for fitness trainer training.

Types of work: Fitness trainer teaches people how to exercise. Trainers are well-guided for a strong and strong body. Planning a person's diet according to nature.

These qualities are essential: Working as a fitness trainer requires being professionally trained. Communication skills have to be realized as public relations are constantly in this field.

Salary: In the beginning, this sector has to work on low wages. Once your name and quality of work are felt by the people, they are well earned. As well as running a separate business through the gym itself.

4) Photography and Career Opportunity-

With the digital revolution, photography has become a hobby for all. In this way, DSLR cameras have appeared in the throats of many.

Generally speaking, there is a chance to have a career as a photographer in Industrial Photography, Wedding Photography, Photo Journalist, Fashion Photography.

Of course, this area is a skill, even when there is an opportunity. What matters most is how your visual sense is compared to the most up-to-date and expensive equipment you have.

Required Qualifications: The educational qualification for photography training should be 10 + 2. There are many institutes teaching photography courses in the country which have degrees, diplomas or certificate courses in photography.

Types of Photographers:

1) Press Photographer: Press Photographer is known as 'Photo Journalist'. Press Photographers work for newspapers, magazines and news organizations locally and nationally and internationally.

2) Commercial or Industrial Photographer: This photographer is working for a particular company or factory. They have to do housework, advertisements, photographs of machines and so on.

3) Advertising Photographer: Advertising photographers are hired at an advertising agency, modeling studio. The true talent behind the popularity of the new product coming to the market is with the advertising photographer.

4) Fashion Photographer: There is a big craze for fashion photography in the field of photography. A large number of youths choose the field of 'fashion photography' as a career. Photographers are often needed in advertising agencies and fashion studios in the area of ​​modeling.

5) Make a Career in the Nursing field-

A nurse could be a one that will watch out of the health of the person. Knowing the worth of this business, the career of 'Nursing' is gaining importance these days.

Functional form: A nurse gives proper information such as prescription medication/prescription, giving complete information to the patient, informing patient relatives about illness, exercise, diet, and care of the patient.

Various Courses in Nursing:
  1. Doctoral Ph.D
  2. M.Phil (Nursing)
  3. Masters - MSc (Nursing)
  4. Degree (Post Basic)
  5. BSc (Nursing) (Basic)
  6. Diploma (Post Basic)
Eligibility - The age limit for this course is from 16 to 24 and the minimum qualification should be taken in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English for XII. You have to take the entrance exam for this course. This course can be followed by both diplomas and degrees.

Opportunities: There are many posts of nurses in each of the central and state government medical colleges, special treatment centers, district hospitals, sub-district hospitals, rural hospitals, primary health centers, sub-centers. They can also offer independent nursing care.

6) Career Opportunities in the Veterinary field-

India is an agrarian country and livestock is widely operated in the country. Therefore, there is a great demand for individuals in this area. Therefore, there is a great opportunity in the veterinary field after XII science.

Eligibility: Students pursuing Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in Class XII are given admission on the basis of merit test. Also, students need passion, intimacy with animals, empathy, perseverance, scholarship, dedication to work, loyalty to work.

Job Opportunities: Under the Central and State Animal Husbandry Departments, there are opportunities for veterinary care, veterinary treatment centers, bird sanctuaries, and animal museums, as well as veterinarians to take care of the Animal Army's various animal squads and farms.

Course: Five-year veterinarian (BVSc and A.H) course in the state falls under the Agricultural University. After completing this course, a doctor's degree is obtained. It also has a two-year course in Post Graduate Course (MVSc). As well as a Ph.D. Courses are also available.

7) Career contribution to the field of Fashion Designing-

It is the fashion and skill of a fashion designer to put old fashioned clothes on the market again and get them a good price. Knowledge of painting, drawing, as well as observation, imagination, creativity, innovation, technology, communication skills, etc. are required. It consists of courses of different time periods ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

Courses: Training can be taken from other institutes besides the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Fashion design includes Garment, Leather, Accessories, and Jewelry Design as well as courses in Fashion Business Management, Fashion Retail Management, Fashion Marketing.

Qualifications: Students of any discipline like Science, Arts, Commerce can get Fashion Designing training. Some institutes also take the test before admission, while in some places the only admission is given for the marks of 10th-12th. In many institutes, the criteria for admission are written, group discussions, interviews.

Career contribution: There are many opportunities for creativity and talent in this field. After completing the Fashion Designing course, there will be opportunities for production, marketing, fashion retail company, boutiques, export house, manufacturing unit.

There are job opportunities in fashion media quality control, fashion accessories design and brand promotion, costume designer, fashion consultant, technical designer, graphic designer, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator. After the experience, you can start your own business.

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