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This is why Automation will be popular in 2020

This is why Automation will be popular in 2020
Automation definition, Automation, Automation Synonym, Automation logic

is a technology concerned with the application of mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, electronics, computer, and information technology-based systems to operate and control the production.

Automation Synonym-

There are various Automation Synonym which is given below
  1. Computerization
  2. Industrialization
  3. Mechanization
It aims at making machines or processes self-acting or self-moving. Automated systems replace human labor force and skill with machines that are self-regulated to meet predetermined requirements.

Automation Definition-

Automation can be defined as the technology involved in automated handling between machines and continuous processing at the machines.

Automation involves a group of related operations combined together mechanically, electrically or with the assistance of computers and robots.

The word Automation describes a logical development in technical programs where automatic handling between machines is combined with continuous processing at machines.

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The machines may be considered to be automated when they are connected to various automatic handling processing. So Automation is not a single element of the system, it's a complete system.

Automation is not a newborn technology but it is an old one. This technology has been implementing for the last few decades. So saying its new technology will be quite wrong.

The technology involved in Automation basically includes the following-
  1. Highly Mechanised Machines
  2. Automatic Material Handling System
  3. Industrial Robots
  4. Automatic Inspection
  5. Quality Control System

Examples of Automation-

The following are some of the examples of Automation
  1. Chemical Industries
  2. Petroleum Industries
  3. Food and Beverage Processing Industries
  4. Automobile Industries
  5. Healthcare
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Types of Automation-

The types of Automation can be classified on the basis of their flexibilities to accommodate the variations in the component design. The Automation can be classified as-
  1. Fixed Automation
  2. Flexible Automation
  3. Programmable Automation

Pros and cons of Automation-

The following are some of the advantages of Automation
  1. Reduction in direct labor cost.
  2. Shortage of Technical and Skilled labor.
  3. Increased productivity.
  4. Reduction in human-related problems.
  5. Optimum use of raw materials.
  6. Improved product quality.
  7. Increased shop efficiency.
  8. Reduced lead time.
The following are some of the disadvantages of Automation
  1. High initial cost.
  2. Higher maintenance cost.
  3. Reduced labor requirements due to Automation may increase unemployment.
  4. Lesser job openings. Automation increases productivity and hence lesser people will be needed to maintain production. This, in turn, creates lesser job opportunities for displaced workers.
  5. Machine downtimes are expensive.
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