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Is Education Still Necessary in 2020?

Is Education Still Necessary in 2020?

Is Education Still Necessary in 2020?

What is Education?

Education is a process of learning and acquiring skills. It is a part of grasping knowledge. Education is nothing but a way of gaining knowledge. Education means not just a piece of bookish knowledge but it's a way how you think, how you behave. By Education, you can learn Ethics, Morals and much more. By Education you can learn positive thinking, you can change your behavior, attitude.

Education is the key to success because you can handle different situations in your opinion. By Education, you will become self-reliant. 

Why Education is Important?

Education is important because you can adopt new skills and versatile knowledge. By Education, you can change your way of looking at the surrounding. By Education, a child's creativity and innovation, thinking ability increases.

Why Education is necessary?

Education is about to literate children's minds. Literacy in the sense of not only absolute knowledge but also total human behavior. To work in corporate, government, industries some knowledge is required to pursue. And you can learn this knowledge by Education.

The education should build the person in mainly 5 sectors as we believe-
1. Personal
2. Physical
3. Mental
4. Economical 
5. Sociological health.

In our opinion, the Linguistics education should be followed in the mother tongue (though English is Global Language, anyone can understand his mother tongue better than it).

Personal level: Growing children are the future of this country! At the primary level, we can inspire their talent instead of just following bookish knowledge. The various sports also would be a great career than traditional ways.
Economical level: Empowerment of business ability in children rather than only being a servant. The production of secondary and tertiary will be definitely good than the primary product.

Sociological level: As humans are the social animal will always concern about his sociality! We socialize with all kinds of humans and we should be kind to them.

After all, there is much to-do list by others, being start with 'yourself' is also ensure that an oil lamp will remain there in the darkest of all to the cause of hope. Obviously, we can't give them each thing spoon fed there will be always something that has to earn themselves but we can 'suggest' them to follow the path rather to 'direct'.

Worldwide incredible technology needs new inventions, new innovative ideas, a unique model to show in front of the world and will continue in future upcoming.

We can definitely achieve this and more things through education and experience only.

There are many places where there are not enough opportunities to learn. We do not want anyone to remain uneducated just because there is no opportunity. We want to provide educational opportunities to such children through this website. You can also help these students. Financial help is needed to educate such children. If you want to help, you should contact us at e-mail. Your help can make someone educate. We are waiting for your response. Thank you.

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